Twitter influencers are peddling nonsense about Google Bard

Andrew Quinn
3 min readMay 21, 2023

While Twitter buzzes with rumors of Bard’s dominance, a simple test tells a different story

The past several days have seen a flurry of Twitter AI influencers take to the bird app to proclaim GPT’s rein is over. Google’s Bard is the new kid on the block according to the tastemakers of social media’s AI circles.

But actually using each product tells a different story.

Here’s a quick demonstration to highlight the ways in which GPT-4 is far superior to Bard as general purpose language model.


1. Write a ‘hello, world’ program in Python

Sure, Bard can do this

2. Now write it in C

Okay, Bard can do this too.

3. Now write it in Assembly Language

Oops, Bard is dumb and can’t handle this.


Not only can it not do this, it can’t even give you a good answer to why it can’t do it.

It’s response amounts to:

“Sorry, I’m just a dumb language model”

Now let’s watch GPT-4 work:



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